Day at the Doctors / Bad News…

Good Day to You All,

Was not feeling well today.  On top of my mental illness I also have chronic pain in my shoulder.  These past couple of days however it decided to really act up.   Went to the doctor today and was told not to return to work until my orthopedic doctor clears me.   I have an appointment made for Wednesday.  Nothing sooner was available.  Well, I can make the best of this and not stress out.  My youngest son can stay with me at home rather then going to Daycare.  He is something else.  I love him to death.  My eldest sons are at a stage where they really don’t want to hang out with dad.  They rather have there cell phones glued to there faces.  Its so funny to watch them.  

Looking forward to spending time with my family at home.  No choice but to make the best of it.  

Love you all!

I’m very happy to have the strength to Blog Today…

Good Day to You All,

I feel like it has been a long time since I have posted.  Yes it has.  It has almost been a month.  Wow.  That a long time.  Why haven’t I blogged you may ask?  Well, I can’t really explain it.  Hours turns to days, Days turn to weeks very fast.  Time goes by so fast.  My illness is like a roller coaster ride.  It has its ups and downs.  More Down then ups unfortunately.   It seems that everything has been annoying me for no apparent reason.  None what so ever.  I should be thrown into a closet. When I feel this way it just makes everyone who comes in contact with me frustrated.  There is really nothing they can do.  It is me.  I’m the problem.  

I curious to know if anyone else can relate to this?  I really haven’t heard from my followers in a long while.  If you think that I’m talking crazy please just say so in a comment.  I really need your support and help.  Depression Hurts.  It really Hurts!

On top of everything else that is wrong with me, am I also Bipolar?  If so then I’m really messed up.  

63 degrees out in the Northeast

It’s going to be a rainy but warm day out today. My mood is good. I’m at home with my son. We are about to get ready to go out. I love being home withy kids. They bring out the joy of being a rather and help bring up my morale. I just took a selfie withy son and sent it to my wife. Wow, selfie, Never thought I would take one.

Today my illness is controlled. Not depressed. It feels good.

Good Day To You All!!!!!

It’s Has Been A While…

Good Day to You All…

These past coupe of days I have been in the hole once again.  It has been 24/7 of pain Physically and Mentally.  I have made an emergency appointment to see my doctor.  unfortunately it is not ASAP.  I don’t know if I will make it to the middle of the month.  I need your help…  

My followers, please advise as to what coping methods you all use in dealing with your illnesses.  Is more Medications the answer?  I am maxed out on the medication that I take to control my illness.  I think it is time to change…


Another day lost!

Good Evening to You All,

In so much pain mentally and physically.  A couple of years back I badly injured my shoulder. I passed up an opportunity to have this corrected with surgery. I was afraid to go under the knife. I was stupid. Now I’m paying the ultimate price. The pain is chronic.

We’ll I have again managed to piss everyone at home off. I try my very best to be calm and talk things out before losing it. My family knows that I have OCD. All that I have ever asked for is to have a clean house and for my kids to be responsible. Is that asking to much? For them I guess it is.

I don’t know what to do!

Good Morning to You All!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was so stressed out that I almost lost it. Being home with my kids is a joy. My little one want all of my time. I love it. I try to limit his sugar intake as best as I can. Not sure what happened but he was so hyper and energized. Wow!

I try so hard to distract myself so I would not obsess about any one thing. I try so hard because it will disrupt our happy home. My kids does not understand this illness. They don’t understand why I obsess about things. They do know that daddy loves them so much.

Obsessing over crumbs!

Good Morning!

My son decided to eat pop tarts on our bed. End results, crumbs all over the bed. This is easy to remedy for others. Me however, it is a major problem that is not easily corrected. I have been a clean freak for most of my life. Teaching my kids to please clean after themselves has been challenging. I’m very assertive in enforcing their cleaning effects but they are kids.