Coping Skills – Rituals Due to OCD

Good Day to You All, It has been a constant struggle to combat the number of daily rituals I must do to find some relief due to OCD.  You know that everything is ok for example “Checking to s…

Source: Coping Skills – Rituals Due to OCD

Good Day!

Good Day to You All,

Just woke up.  No Pain Mentally and or Physically.  My wife is still asleep.  Wow does she snores.  I’m sure she would say the same about me when i’m sleeping.

Looking forward to going to work.  Just looked a Google now to see my commute time.  Not good.  looks like there are various accidents reported along my route.  may need to leave early.  we will see.  I don’t want to move right now.  just saver every moment of what what I am experiencing right now.

I hope all is will within our community.  Of not please comment and lets work together in turning a negative in a positive.

I love you all!

Good Morning!

Another snowy day. Did not make it to work today. I hate feeling the way I do. Sometimes I think the meds prescribed just are not doing what they were meant to do. I will tell you one thing about the meds that do work. Side effects. I can’t lose the gained weight over the years. Most of the time I have an upset stomach. Yes, in a perfect world I will follow directions to a T. Reality unfortunately doesn’t allow us to accomplish this. We’ll baby steps it.