Anxiety Vlog: Thoughts on Anxiety & How I Cope

While I was anxious I’d thought I record on my iPhone and share a bit on my struggle with anxiety while I was feeling anxious. I hope it helps someone. Let me know your thoughts, Eleny

Source: Anxiety Vlog: Thoughts on Anxiety & How I Cope

Coping Skills – Rituals Due to OCD

Good Day to You All, It has been a constant struggle to combat the number of daily rituals I must do to find some relief due to OCD.  You know that everything is ok for example “Checking to s…

Source: Coping Skills – Rituals Due to OCD

Happy To Be Back!

Good Day to You All,

I have been away for a while.  Lets just call it a vacation form everything electronic.  I have missed you all so very much.  I hope all is well.  As for me, well I’m felling much better. I have been very busy writing the next chapter of my life.  It sounds weird but in fact it makes a lot of sense to us (My Family).  If things go as planned, our lives will be changed and I would have secured a Mental Healthiness Life moving forward.   That is it for now.  God bless you all…

Good Day!

Good Day to You All,

Just woke up.  No Pain Mentally and or Physically.  My wife is still asleep.  Wow does she snores.  I’m sure she would say the same about me when i’m sleeping.

Looking forward to going to work.  Just looked a Google now to see my commute time.  Not good.  looks like there are various accidents reported along my route.  may need to leave early.  we will see.  I don’t want to move right now.  just saver every moment of what what I am experiencing right now.

I hope all is will within our community.  Of not please comment and lets work together in turning a negative in a positive.

I love you all!

Day at the Doctors / Bad News…

Good Day to You All,

Was not feeling well today.  On top of my mental illness I also have chronic pain in my shoulder.  These past couple of days however it decided to really act up.   Went to the doctor today and was told not to return to work until my orthopedic doctor clears me.   I have an appointment made for Wednesday.  Nothing sooner was available.  Well, I can make the best of this and not stress out.  My youngest son can stay with me at home rather then going to Daycare.  He is something else.  I love him to death.  My eldest sons are at a stage where they really don’t want to hang out with dad.  They rather have there cell phones glued to there faces.  Its so funny to watch them.  

Looking forward to spending time with my family at home.  No choice but to make the best of it.  

Love you all!