Happy To Be Back!

Good Day to You All,

I have been away for a while.  Lets just call it a vacation form everything electronic.  I have missed you all so very much.  I hope all is well.  As for me, well I’m felling much better. I have been very busy writing the next chapter of my life.  It sounds weird but in fact it makes a lot of sense to us (My Family).  If things go as planned, our lives will be changed and I would have secured a Mental Healthiness Life moving forward.   That is it for now.  God bless you all…


How are you all doing today? Well here I’m the northeast, it’s been raining. The temperature has improved a bit. This winter has caused a lot of heart ache for us.

Anyway, I’m slowly being to feel better. Yesterday I had to opportunity to perform an intervention on one of my family members. This is shocking to me because I am always in need of one. I reached out to a young man who is finding life so difficult to live in. He is only 15 years old and wants to just end his life. What can be so bad that he would what to do this? He is very smart, does extremely well in school.  So well that he was given the option to graduate HS one year earlier.  I believe that I have done the best that I can in providing guidance to him.   I used myself as an example.  I was very honest.  We will take it one day at a time.

As for me, the pain continues.  I have been taken my medication as prescribed daily.  I just feel that they have stopped working.

Depression Hurts.  It really Hurts!