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*I have to set this to be scheduled for posting, since I am apparently in a “writing mood” and am putting out too many posts too quickly.*

I recently found out that WordPress does something pretty strange; when someone links a blog post, it appears as a “comment” on my page.  When I first saw this, I had no idea what the jumbled mess meant.  ” […] Source: Blog Post | Relictae’s Ramblings […]”  It looked like some incomplete thing that really wasn’t a comment.  It was confusing until I figured out what it actually was.

Well, I have been reading a few posts about other people’s OCD experiences.  I sort of feel a bit… lousy after seeing some of them.  I have already expressed some of my contamination fears and my worry of forgetting things, but I have never had anything so bad as what Howard Hughes had.

Howard Hughes…

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