I’m very happy to have the strength to Blog Today…

Good Day to You All,

I feel like it has been a long time since I have posted.  Yes it has.  It has almost been a month.  Wow.  That a long time.  Why haven’t I blogged you may ask?  Well, I can’t really explain it.  Hours turns to days, Days turn to weeks very fast.  Time goes by so fast.  My illness is like a roller coaster ride.  It has its ups and downs.  More Down then ups unfortunately.   It seems that everything has been annoying me for no apparent reason.  None what so ever.  I should be thrown into a closet. When I feel this way it just makes everyone who comes in contact with me frustrated.  There is really nothing they can do.  It is me.  I’m the problem.  

I curious to know if anyone else can relate to this?  I really haven’t heard from my followers in a long while.  If you think that I’m talking crazy please just say so in a comment.  I really need your support and help.  Depression Hurts.  It really Hurts!

On top of everything else that is wrong with me, am I also Bipolar?  If so then I’m really messed up.  

5 thoughts on “I’m very happy to have the strength to Blog Today…

  1. What makes you think you’re bipolar? There are so many possible diagnoses out there for so so many possible variations of mental illness, but as a person who has bipolar myself i don’t think it’s the be all and end all, it’s an illness, just like depression, just like diabetes, it can be managed with care and medication. It can feel like there’s no end to feeling like crap but things will change, they always do.

    • There are times where I think my Doctor misdiagnosed me. I know that I have severe depression. I know that I have OCD. Bipolar? The reason as to why I think that there may be a possibility I’m bipolar is the high and low that I daily experience. I quite cant understand as to why this is happening. I’m happy one minute then down the next…

  2. Good day to you too 🙂

    Are you on any medication? Is your mood interfering with your social relations? work? is it severely dysfunctional?
    I really understand what you feel, and I am here if you feel like talking about it more.

    Ask your doctor sometimes some blood tests can help. For example, a deficiency in vitamin D can cause slight irritability, Vitamin D is more of a hormone.

    Take good care ralph.

    • Funny you should mention the vitamin D. I had a recent blood test and it was discovered that i need Vitamin D. 4000 a Day. Yes, I do take medication. I have been taken them for over 20 years. My doctor says they are high dosages. I take it one day at a time.

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