4 thoughts on “Professional

  1. I work in a hospital so have to clean my hands regularly anyway. My hands end up horrible and dry and cracked when it’s a busy day, I do try to moisturise them though. Also shower every day and clean uniform every day. So far no one at work knows about my condition, I think if I worked anywhere else the hand washing would definitely be noticed.

      • I’m not really sure how long I’ve had it. Only recently admitted to myself that I have a problem that needs some kind of help. My SO and BFF both know to some degree. I had a bit of a major freak out 5 years ago at uni about the flat being such a mess that I couldn’t study. In reality there was very little mess but I was up til 3 cleaning the oven. I put that down to exam stress but since then I can’t relax if the place isn’t spotless and there’s been more and more anxiety and tears and general crappyness. How do you cope? I’ve tried the walking away and distracting yourself but it doesn’t seem to work.

      • Medication has helped me a great deal with this illness. I was bad. Really bad. I couldn’t leave the house. By the time I had finished checking, rechecking and checking some more. I would become mentally exhausted that I just gave up and called out. When I found the right cocktail of meds, I was able to cope. I am a lot better now however if I think about something long enough I could easily obsess about it can become ugly. I cannot stand a dirty house. I fight daily with my kids to please clean up after them selves. They are pigs. This is a trigger to propel me into becoming psychotic!

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